Monday, October 30, 2017

Stuff I Hear On NGEN Radio

I've come across a lot of new jams thanks to my new favorite radio station in H-Town (Houston Texas) called NGEN Radio. It's been around, online stream, but for the last year or 2 it's had an FM signal! 91.1 (Lake Jackson) and 91.7 (Houston). I switch back and forth between those on my Car radio tuner as the signal gets stronger or weaker depending on where I am. But we finally have a place where artists like Lecrae, Tedashii, the Reach Records fam, lots of other mainstream Christian music, and some underground hit singles as well! Finally! Because I remember the days when Christian Rap and Hip Hop night (almost midnight) shows were the only shot that some of my favorite local H-Town Gospel Rap/Positive/Inspirational Artists could get any radio play! Power Radio (Sypreme), Eyes On Me Radio (Tre9), Life Radio Show (DJ DMD and DJ Overflow) were shows I tuned into from time to time! Chris Chicago from Jam The Hype is the new program director for NGEN Radio! I love hearing him and Angela! All of the DJs really! The station is so unique! They really have been a blessing to H-Town! NGEN is usually at the big CHH concerts! They were at the Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed, and Social Club Misfits concert I attended at Warehouse Live in Houston Texas. Chris and Angela left in a hurry so that they could play music by Andy Mineo on air for the rest of the night. I also went to Power The Tower at the Revention Music Center which had Manafest and Gawvi! I loved that H-Town mix Gawvi put on (chopped and screwed voice). Plus way before NGEN had an FM signal, I went to Boomin By The Bay at Kemah Boardwalk (Saw Von Won and Manafest). Sadly I missed the Lecrae concert that was way packed. But I saw Derek Minor, Tedashii, and World Rejects at Discovery Green in Houston (not far from where everything else is like the Warehouse Live, George R Brown, the Rockets stadium, Minute Maid Park). I think Von Won performed as well, with Lil Sizzle (From their old Kingz Camp group) That Ray Jasper story on Life Radio was powerful!
Listen to the Ray Jasper story:

Past Eyes On Me Radio show recordings:

I would like to see NGEN Radio play LitaRodi, Von Won, Tre9, Sypreme, S.O.M. (Soldiers On A Mission), Gifted Da Flame Throwa, CYClone, and more... Although many of them still don't get their music played on the radio. Von Won was a promotion manager there for awhile, and was a voice on the radio for a little bit though. And one artist I heard of called Qheem The Redeemed got his song Jesus Or Nah played on there. They also play a local artist/producer called Kevmo. My friend AJ who is a new producer/artist met Kevmo at McDonalds in Santa Fe Texas afew years back. The NGEN Radio station format is pop/rock/hiphop so they have to switch/mix up the music style/sounds and can only fit a certain amount of music into their playlist for each day. And like any radio station, they play the Top 10-20 singles that listeners vote for radio play. But I most definitely appreciate/love/and am excited about this station, as it promotes Kingdom Music (Kingdom, kind of like Canton Jones Kingdom Business , meaning music that glorifies/honors Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior). Many of the artists that they play on NGEN have some sort of connection/collab with the artists I like (and promote at HotRapMix.Com). I've been introduced to new hit singles which I'll list here so you guys can check them out and maybe buy them too! I remember the early days of NGEN when it first released! They had maybe afew hundred likes on their Facebook page, then like 1000+ fans/followers, and it's only gained momentum since then! They are now reaching the Houston area, making an impact on the city! Now anyone in a car can tune in randomly to NGEN and hear a bunch of Jesus Music! (Jesus Music is the name of a popular old school Lecrae song ft Trip Lee).

Back when I first got into CHH (Christian Hip Hop), I heard Jesus Muzik by Lecrae. Heard Our World Redeemed by Flame in the brown youth van on the way to Discovery Camp (a summer time place of fun waterslides, funny videos on big screens, go carts, horseback riding, staying the weekend in a bunk bed, breakfast/lunch/dinner served in The Blue Jean Café (Christian Rock and Rap music videos on the big screens while everyone talks and eats), music played outside on the loudspeakers while teens would play volleyball and do all that other fun stuff, praise and worship, & hearing speakers talk about Salvation and Baptism of The Holy Spirit). At that same place where Discovery Camp is, there is also a bible school called Texas Bible Institute. I attended there 2009-2011 when they still had the 9 month program. Now they have 2 four month programs. A Discipleship school and Leadership school. I met some people who rap there, also some fans of CHH that introduced me to artists they liked that I never heard of before! Christian Rap has been around, even before I ever got into it. But it's grown from where it was then, and to now! Continuing to grow! Thanks to dudes like Sketch The Journalist, I've learned some of the history of CHH, and learned about the guys from Grapetree Records and other vets. Honestly I think a lot of these guys should write some books or get on some podcast to talk about about their experiences! Especially since some of them are retiring/have retired (like Tre9) and passed the torch off to younger folks (although they are never too old to rap, and bring out a new hit from time to time, when they got some time, there's plenty of good bedroom producers these days. We could learn a thing or 2 from a book (with pictures and words)/audio book (for those who like to listen), might discover some other Christian rappers, and could learn from their mistakes/successes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Keeping Old Music And Making New Music

As time goes on, old records, cassette tapes, and other music storage mediums age and wear out. But much of it has been preserved, sitting dormant in resale shops, flea markets, garage sales, in someone's storage, ect. Music is sitting dormant, and not being listened to, sometimes even forgotten. Older generations of people who love their old music, keep their old records, but many times aren't aware of the new technology that has made it possible to preserve/revive media. Sadly many old mediums wear out with time and weather, are lost from public interest, and new technology sometimes makes old technology unusable, throwing good old ideas out of the window rather than expanding or improving on them, forcing older technology to go extinct (probably to get all the new young generations to buy the latest greatest thing). But sometimes new technology does keep old technology around. And if old technology can survive long enough for us to get the storage off of old storage mediums, then we can save old music, pictures, and more data/information before it "dies" or "goes extinct". Like the new vinyl record players for example. They make it possible to play old records and make them into an mp3! With new vinyl/record players, it is possible to record a vinyl that is playing/spinning. The music is brought from the record player to the computer via a USB cable. Everything from speeding up, slowing down, and even scratching can be recorded live into Audacity. The whole song can be turned into an mp3. And small segments can then remixed in LMMS to make a brand new song! Old music can be kept around longer, and be brought back to the forefront of being listened to! Old hits can become popular again! Those old vinyl's can be turned into mp3 files and played from inside the car! They can be played on the internet! It all comes to one's music preference, and their own creativity.   

Joe Angel - Spaceships (To The Moon And Back)

Want to have some fun and go to the moon and back? Are you single, dating, courting, married? Have a significant other? Don't have a significant other? Want a significant other? Today is Valentine's Day. Alot of single people are sad because they don't have anyone to cuddle and they see alot of people together having fun. I'm not sad or jealous. I know that true love waits! I can enjoy my singleness and take advantage of it. Be content! Develop and grow myself! I enjoy candy, cookies, and cake! Who needs all that big teddy bear, roses, and public display of affection? I'm single like a pringle, hopefully someday gonna mingle. But like Joseph Solomon says in his new video, we shouldn't waste our singleness! We all want someone to love. Let's be real, we all crave sex! But how can we love another human being, if we have not let God's love first fulfill us and take us over to be given the capacity to love unconditionally? My friend Joe Angel has made another love song called Space Ships. His past mistakes with relationships tell a story about how God can heal the broken heart. He can make things right. He can turn bad around for good. And his grace, mercy, and blessing abounds. Joe is single, but he made the song for his future wife. And the chorus is catchy, and can be applied to any guy or girl wanting to have something special and go on an adventure to the moon and back.