Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Houston Rappers Feature On A Gospel Rap Album

Several of Houston Texas well known rappers such as Z-Ro, Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Lil Flip, Mike Jones, Baby Bash, and Propain have featured on verses on Vaughaligan Walwyn's new album Grace Still Abides.
Vaughaligan Walwyn, formerly known as Von Won, decided to begin using his birth name for the purpose of letting things go from past seasons and embracing the newness of a new season. Rapping alongside H-Town secular rappers such as Lil Keke isn't new for Vaughaligan Walwyn. Lil Keke was in the Von Won One City Under God song which also features Lil O, Kiotti (from 97.9 The Boxx), and NuWine (formerly a Christian Rapper). He has Lil O on a song called Do It Real Good which also features Wonderus who was in the group called The Playboy Click which Von Won was a part of. Before Vaughaligan was even saved, he made an album called Money Already Made which had Lil Keke on one of his songs.

 Before Christ, before being saved, Vaughaligan was smoking weed, doing cocaine, and making secular music. He describes in his testimony that he would show up to the studio high, and a Christian Rapper who goes by the name Tre9 would reach out to him to do Christian songs. He finally gave his life to Christ fully after he was caught, tazed, and beaten by police officers in front of his wife and daughter. He called the experience Shock Therapy (which he made an album by that name as well to share his testimony), which woke him up to realize that he needed to submit to God's authority. Vaughaligan has grown and matured in Christ, he has helped several Christian Rappers come up. For awhile he had a music label called Kingz Camp with it's own albums featuring peeps from the label like Lil Sizzle and Trevor Lee. From what it looks like, he is now releasing music from a label called Nu Season. Vaughaligan is talented in many areas, he has also contributed to the making of several Christian Rap music videos, he used to be a track star who could do a long jump before he broke his knee, he has an incredible drive to do big things and get them done in excellence. He is also a pastor at Legacy Church on Almeda at Christian Temple Church on the south side of Houston Texas.
Thanks to the grace and mercy of God through Jesus Christ, Vaughaligan Walwyn is leading many people to Jesus Christ with his life, his story, and his music. He leads a new example for H-Town to follow. With the help of a big team (H-Town, the states, and across the world): Lecrae, Bizzle, World Rejects, LitaRodi, DJ DMD, Tre9, Sypreme, Govenor Reiss, Gifted Da Flame Throwa, Bushwick Bill, 007 From 5th Ward Boys, Druzu, Soldiers On A Mission, Corey Paul and Reconcile, Adam Paul, and many others will further promote the gospel of Jesus Christ and positive messages in their music, growing this movement to where people are already starting to take notice. Mainstream media outlets have already taken notice. Fox has already covered some news stories for some of these Christian Rappers including Vaughaligan.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bizzle Gains More Mainstream Exposure

God has been opening doors for people who never heard Bizzle (God Over Money) music! Afew years ago Bizzle got new listeners when he made a song calling out Jay Z. Around that time hew began putting out The Messenger mixtapes. He also gained listeners through P Dub Young Fly And Saved song and Best Of Both Worlds mixtape featuring Bizzle and P Dub together. Now Bizzle has his albums Tough Love And Parables and also The Good Fight. He also has his own record label God Over Money ( which has Bumps Inf and Selah The Corner as label artists. Recently Bizzle released a song as a response to the song by Macklemore called Same Love. He got death threats from many same sex supporters, which became even more news and promotion for Bizzle, as he was on Fox 26 in Houston. Also Justin Bieber wants to start a rap career and for now he wants to change his name to Bizzle. As a result, people searching for music by Justin Bieber are going to find the Christian Rapper Bizzle!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Christian Arabic Rap

I am someone who likes to think alot. Which is good when it's healthy and positive thinking. Good ideas are like a gold mine, according to John C Maxwell, author of How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. My thoughts wonder to the most un-thought of/least popular things, in a way I'm blazing new trails or setting new trends. I like to discover and explore new things as long as they are good and pleasing to God! I was wondering if there was any Christian Arabic Rap around yet. I searched for some on YouTube and Bing and sure enough I've made some discoveries. I was also curious to know whether or not Lecrae has ever been to Dubai before, a city in Saudi Arabia created with the wealth of rich Saudi Arabian Princes, to perform a Christian Rap concert, so I searched for it online, and apparently he has,

Today I found a Christian Arabic Rapper from Egypt called Double M, he has been inspired by Western (American) Rap, such as Lecrae. It's awesome because I found his Facebook Page, and liked it, then messaged him, and he got back with me. I shared with him some info about Christian Rappers I know, plus shared my website link with him! He thought it was pretty cool! I downloaded the free songs he has on his Band Page on Facebook! They are tight! Jamming!

 I like this YouTube video Double M has, it shows him handing someone a cd envelope with Arabic written on it, obviously a Christian Rap cd, and I actually envisioned that idea in my mind, prayed for it to come to pass that there would be Christian Rappers rising up in the Middle East and the Arabic world, that was even before I came across this music video!