Monday, August 17, 2015

Little Caesar's pizza! It really was the fastest lunch in town! My pizza was ready to go quick! #LittleCaesars #Pizza #FastestLunchInTown #NASCAR #JeffGordon #racecardriver

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Can someone who is famous and rich give their life to Jesus? Yes! Bushwick Bill did! It's amazing that he, DJ DMD, MC Jin, Von Won, 007 (5th Ward Boys), and others have given their lives to Jesus! People that were known for rapping about money, making money, and were known at different levels gave it all up to live for Jesus! Bushwick Bill is a great example of going from a rapper who promoted drugs, sex, and alcohol to speaking scripture, giving hope, and living a positive example. He is the example of a radically transformed life! While many people are like the Rich Young Ruler in the bible, they would rather hold on to riches and fame than to follow Jesus. The bible specifically says that we can't love God and mammon. We can't love God and money. We serve either God or ourselves. Bushwick Bill is an anomaly, he actually puts Christ first! He has realized that the world has nothing to offer, and that real peace and joy are found only in Jesus Christ! The mainstream entertainment industry can learn a thing or two from Bushwick Bill. BET, MTV, VH1, 979 The Boxx, Sway In The Morning, and all other TV and Radio relating to Hip Hop/Rap culture need to peep Bushwick Bill as well as these other Musicians who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ! They better not sleep on good music! But as we know, the mainstream entertainment industry is governed by worldly people who promote fame/fortune because they live for the devil who sold them the lie that living for self is better! They promote the lie because they get the "goodies" and their motto is YOLO! The opposite of the golden rule. But if anyone wants to go to heaven, and not hell, they should be careful how they live this "one life" on the earth, because the next life is coming whether they like it or not. It's time to wake up! Like the old lady with Dementia in the movie God's Not Dead says, sometimes the devil let's people live lives free of trouble, because he doesn't want them turning to God! Some people have a short lived heaven, The pleasure they have on earth is the only heaven they get, and the rest of eternity they are in hell burning. But for those who trust in Christ, the troubles on earth are the only hell they will ever have, the rest of eternity will be peace, joy, love, and paradise. I'd rather be like KB and be Rich Forever! How about you?