Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lozt Zoul Hell's Nightmare Mixtape

Today I been jamming a new mixtape by Lozt Zoul. It's called Hell's Nightmare.
My favorite track, which I keep on repeat, is All Things Are Possible, which features Vaughaligan Walwyn singing on the hook. I also like the other songs which have features, such as World Rejects, Pyrexx, and Gifted Da Flame Throwa. I really likethe mixtape, if you like rough, crunk south vocals, you'll like Lozt Zoul. Their style reminds me of Marcus Landers aka Scarecrow, who has two albums out already. If you like this mixtape then you'll like the Nu Season Nu  Creations Vol 1 as well, plus Vaughaligan Walwyn Grace Still Abides album. Also, the Kingz Camp albums Faith It Till You Make It and The Royal Family albums are worth getting! Support Nu Season, as it is a light for H-Town, pray for it as well as pastor Vaughaligan Walwyn and Legacy Church. This music is making an impact on not just Houston, but anyone who likes Now Generation Music.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 2014 Hot Rap Mix Jams

This month mostly I been jamming to music I have either had already or bought recently, mainly whatever I can jam out to while I work. MC Jin has some new songs, I been jamming his remix song called Am I Wrong. Plus Puntin as usual, Southern Hospitality 2. Also Cy The High Wire Act as well as The Ringleader Circus World Event albums. I also replay LitaRodi Alive In Christ album. Plus I been jamming Social Club, SPZRKT, and Andy Mineo. Tre9 Missionary Minded is also an album I replay alot. S.O.M. (Soldiers On A Mission, their albums The Journey Revisited and The Next Chapter is something I started jamming again, it's been awhile since I had jammed them till afew days ago. Recently I bought Canton Jones new God City USA album and Bizzle Well Wishes, those are great albums too! I'm looking forward to new Lecrae Anamoly, and Trip Lee Rise albums coming soon! I got alot of music and work hard to expose people to Christian Rap and other Gospel music for the now generation. Please take the time to look these artists up, check em out, show em some love and support by buying their albums.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Puntin Southern Hospitality 2 Mixtape

Puntin has released another mixtape for peeps who like Southern style rap music, Country Rap Tunes, as Pimp C would call it. Puntin calls this mixtape a "Christian Rap Gray Tape". Mainly because the style of Southern Hospitality 1 and 2 are like the Houston Texas rap artists such as Zro, Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Slim Thug, and other people who are part of the Screwed Up Click, or they are associated. Puntin is really blazing a new trail for peeps to follow to Jesus. Alot of people are seeing him as a positive role model, because his music sounds ghetto, and sometimes it may be mistaken as gangster music if people only hear afew words or they hear the style and sound, some may jump the gun to conclusions and assume that his music is promoting bad things, but when someone actually pays attention and looks closer, and listens longer to the lyrical content of the song, they will hear Puntin out, to see where his heart is, and where he actually comes from. People will see that he promotes a lifestyle of following Jesus, and not the worldly things, that he is actually speaking out against. The mixtape can be downloaded at
If you like this H-Town Christian Rap, and you never heard anything like it before, trust me, Puntin is not alone in repping Jesus with Christian Rap, especially the Southside style. Houston Texas was named as the number one distributor of Christian Rap in recent years by a Christian Rap website. There is alot more people who can be named in a huge list. I'll name afew, and from those artists, if you find their music, you can find alot more artists to listen to just by listening to the featured artists music as well.
There's Bizzle, LitaRodi, DJ DMD, Tre9, Vaughaligan Walwyn (formerly known as Von Won), Soldiers On A Mission (Also known as S.O.M.), World Rejects, 007 (From 5th Ward Boys), Bushwick Bill (From Getto Boys), Icece, Colcutz, Bless't, Cy (Or Cyclone), Druzu, Gifted Da Flame Throwa, Lil Raskull, and so many more... Peep these artists music, and you'll be hooked up to a network that branches out to several more artists connected to each other, as well as DJ's. I'll list some DJ's too. DJ Overflow, DJ Primo, DJ Promote, DJ I Rock Jesus, DJ G Bless, DJ Evangel.... and there's more. DJ's usually make mixtapes that feature an artist, or several artists in a mix, it's another good way to get hooked up with more music.