Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Keeping Old Music And Making New Music

As time goes on, old records, cassette tapes, and other music storage mediums age and wear out. But much of it has been preserved, sitting dormant in resale shops, flea markets, garage sales, in someone's storage, ect. Music is sitting dormant, and not being listened to, sometimes even forgotten. Older generations of people who love their old music, keep their old records, but many times aren't aware of the new technology that has made it possible to preserve/revive media. Sadly many old mediums wear out with time and weather, are lost from public interest, and new technology sometimes makes old technology unusable, throwing good old ideas out of the window rather than expanding or improving on them, forcing older technology to go extinct (probably to get all the new young generations to buy the latest greatest thing). But sometimes new technology does keep old technology around. And if old technology can survive long enough for us to get the storage off of old storage mediums, then we can save old music, pictures, and more data/information before it "dies" or "goes extinct". Like the new vinyl record players for example. They make it possible to play old records and make them into an mp3! With new vinyl/record players, it is possible to record a vinyl that is playing/spinning. The music is brought from the record player to the computer via a USB cable. Everything from speeding up, slowing down, and even scratching can be recorded live into Audacity. The whole song can be turned into an mp3. And small segments can then remixed in LMMS to make a brand new song! Old music can be kept around longer, and be brought back to the forefront of being listened to! Old hits can become popular again! Those old vinyl's can be turned into mp3 files and played from inside the car! They can be played on the internet! It all comes to one's music preference, and their own creativity.   

Joe Angel - Spaceships (To The Moon And Back)

Want to have some fun and go to the moon and back? Are you single, dating, courting, married? Have a significant other? Don't have a significant other? Want a significant other? Today is Valentine's Day. Alot of single people are sad because they don't have anyone to cuddle and they see alot of people together having fun. I'm not sad or jealous. I know that true love waits! I can enjoy my singleness and take advantage of it. Be content! Develop and grow myself! I enjoy candy, cookies, and cake! Who needs all that big teddy bear, roses, and public display of affection? I'm single like a pringle, hopefully someday gonna mingle. But like Joseph Solomon says in his new video, we shouldn't waste our singleness! We all want someone to love. Let's be real, we all crave sex! But how can we love another human being, if we have not let God's love first fulfill us and take us over to be given the capacity to love unconditionally? My friend Joe Angel has made another love song called Space Ships. His past mistakes with relationships tell a story about how God can heal the broken heart. He can make things right. He can turn bad around for good. And his grace, mercy, and blessing abounds. Joe is single, but he made the song for his future wife. And the chorus is catchy, and can be applied to any guy or girl wanting to have something special and go on an adventure to the moon and back.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Lecrae Blessings ft Ty Dolla $ign

The Blessings song by Lecrae is a positive song with a message about being thankful and counting your blessings from God.

This is another secular artist featuring on one of Lecrae's songs. In the past Lecrae was criticized for featuring B.O.B. and Paul Wall on his tracks. Plus his appearances on a BET tv show (with Bow Wow) and on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon are also criticized. People think he's a sellout. That he's compromised moral integrity, and that he sold his soul for money, power, and fame. That he's joined Illuminati. The many people who criticize him are in my opinion, modern day pharisees or just immature Christians who have uninformed understanding. Many are still trying to live under the law and not grace. They don't understand that a life for God is a relationship, not just a religion, and not a list of a bunch of do's and don'ts. People are twisting scripture out of context to say that Lecrae shouldn't do songs with unbelievers because they become unequally yoked. They believe a Secular/Christian collaboration might confuse people or give them the wrong impression. But these same people have no problem with Unbelievers working with Christians in Walmart, McDonald's, and other places. Lecrae's work is music. It's an art. And not everything secular is evil or blasphemous. Lecrae and an unsaved artist making just a regular good ole song is not the same as making a worldly blasphemous song. Imagine an unsaved person making burgers with a Christian. The unsaved person adds the buns, the Christian adds the patty. Is the food unholy to eat? No. Saved people and unsaved people work together all the time. The only time working together would be inappropriate is, if that thing being worked on was sinful. Same thing for songs made by a Christian and a "Secular" artist. Secular and worldly are not the same thing. Worldly music is music that is full of sin. Secular music is music that might not mention Jesus, but can be appreciated in it's art form by Christians and Non-Christians alike. Many times people forget these secular artists are humans too, that need a savior.

Maybe the reason some of these people who criticize Lecrae, fear him working to make positive songs with unsaved artists, is they think that by making a song with someone unsaved means that he's using his platform to promote an artist that raps about worldly things, they fear apostasy coming to all the listeners. Alot of people probably assume that Lecrae endorses their music, just because he has them featured on a song. But most likely he doesn't. He might say they have a gift, that they are talented, but he wouldn't approve of the sinful message that they promote in their songs. While it's true that Christians should be careful in what they say and do, we shouldn't be people pleasers either. There are a million plus things we could do for God that he approves, that someone else disapproves of because it looks like a sin to them. And those who are on the outside looking in won't understand. Gossip/slander brings only dirt to someone's name. We are called to honor people. We are called to talk to people who may or may not believe later after we have planted or watered a seed of the Gospel and trust/wait for God to bring the increase. If God uses us to minister the truth, and the person decides not to believe it, even after we were faithful to share... does that mean we gave that person a platform for the evil they continue to do because someone saw us together at some point in history? Everyone will stand before God  to give account of their own life. People are responsible for their own failures. Lecrae is not responsible for Paul Wall, B.O.B., or Ty Dolla $ign if they choose to live their own way. He did his best to show them that there is better music that they could be doing. They could look up his discography (if they actually cared to check him out). They could read his book Unashamed. Lecrae is surrounded by the 116 Clique and many other Christians who rap about Jesus, and positive things. If people fail to wake up, it's because they tossed a gold needle (the truth revealed) back into the haystack (ignoring the gold and looking at everything else in life distracting them from salvation and true purpose and identity). Narrow is the gate (to heaven.. which is Jesus... he is the entrance) and few be that find it. If people reject Lecrae, you could say they also reject Jesus, because Lecrae's music and story could have led them to Jesus. But if people come to Jesus through Lecrae's music and personal story, then praise God!

The bible shows us that if anyone has full and truly trusted in Christ to be born again and saved to have eternal life, then no matter how many times they stumble or fall, God will lift us up. Justification means to make right. Sanctification is the process that follows, a person's life is continually purified, cleaned up, molded/shaped, and growing in holiness. And it cannot be reversed back to before justification. If you are right with God, then the outflow of rightousness will always produce good fruit. A good tree bears good fruit. Salvation is eternal and permanent. Those who walk away from God never knew Jesus from the start. Their heart must have been stony, they heard the gospel, but didn't truly believe it.

Some people fail to see that God wants us to get out of our own bubble or comfort zone to reach people and have an influence. Christians are called to go (Matthew 28:19) and make disciples. That means we have to invade where darkness is. Light penetrates darkness. We are called into the secular arena (places where the name of Jesus is not known, where people have not been taught his ways), being ambassadors and representing the righteous love of Christ, while not conforming to the sinful ways of the world. The world is people who don't know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Some people like myself are called to make an impact at Walmart. I influence people by my work ethic. By showing love and not hate. By using opportunities to share the gospel if people ask about about my story, and the hope and faith I have in Jesus. I share YouTube Vlogs and songs that I make to coworkers. You get nowhere by being self righteous, having a better than someone else attitude, and being pushy about your faith and forcing them to convert or be rejected, and ignored. Jesus showed us love by dying for us on the cross, to cleanse us from all sin and unrighteousness. He showed love and mercy by touching unclean lepers and healing them. We sometimes gotta get some dirt on our hands to help pull someone out of the pit of hopelessness and confusion. Life gets messy. we are in a battlefield (in which we are already victorious in Christ, we uphold the devil's defeat). It doesn't mean we sin, and drink a beer with an unbeliever and have a smoke with them so that we can talk about God. It means we stand firm, still having strong convictions, and go to the dark places to win people to God's kingdom. We remain true, and bring the presence of God with us to every environment or atmosphere we walk into.