Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Puntin Bananas 4 Mixtape Coming Soon

Puntin is working on releasing a new volume of his mixtape series called Bananas, which can be found on The only song from the mixtape that I've heard so far is Polo. And later this month Polo Remix ft. Lil Keke and ESG of Screwed Up Click will be released as a single, as well as be featured on the mixtape. There is also a short promo by the Houston Texas Rapper Chamillionaire speaking on Puntin Bananas 4 mixtape.

Here is some art I made on Instagram to promote the mixtape! Instagram Artwork

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hot Rap Mix is now on Instagram!

I recently got an Instagram made for Hot Rap Mix. For awhile I had under-estimated the usefulness it has to create a web presence and a following from whoever you want to target through hashtags. I realized there had to be a reason people were always talking about Instagram, even though I already used Facebook and Twitter. So why add another social network? Instagram has potential to help you grow your audience through hashtags, because one hashtag leads to another, like rabbit holes and bunny trails, you can navigate on everyday words people are using, you can piggy back on trends, and other people discover each other's pictures and videos through the words people commonly use. I realized people are usually on their phones these days, taking new pics and surfing, looking at other people, so there is a benefit of using Instagram to share pics and videos with random people. Mainly I use hashtags that are relevant and strategic, while I also try avoiding being spammy at the same time. Mostly I've promoted Christian Rappers, my group Nu Life Click, artwork and cartoons I've made, and other things having to do mainly with Christian Rap, Holy Hip Hop culture. I've managed to draw in alot of different people. 116 Clique fans, rappers, singers, producers, artists, graffiti artists, and many more unique and interesting arrays and varieties of different people. If you have an Instagram, please check out the pictures and videos I've shared, as well as follow hotrapmix, my user name. The link you can follow

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MC Jin - New Album - 14:59 - XIV:LIX

I just bought the new MC Jin 14:59 album, the numbers on the cover are Roman Numerals XIV:LIX. The album is Jin's story, about his rise to fame, and his transition to doing Christ centered rap music, and his life centering around Christ. The best songs I pick are Welcome To The Club, Fan Mail, Chinese New Year, and Hallelujah. All of the songs are tight, those just were my favorites. I recommend purchasing the entire album. The songs had good female singers too.
Now Available On:
Google Play:
MC Jin
MC Jin Store:
MC Jin also has a free album called Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith which can be downloaded at
The free album download is a blessing that you can pass around, share the link to the download, plus burn and share free cd copies. MC Jin has a testimony that needs to be heard! It can influence and impact people in the music/entertainment industry to surrender their lives to Christ, because like the short and rich Zacchaeus, who climbed a tree to see Jesus, they can make things right with God and people, to believe on Christ, to be forgiven of sin, born again, and saved.