Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Rejects - Phyre Da Armageddon - After The Block

The other day I bought a new album called After The Block by Phyre Da Armageddon (member of World Rejects). One of my favorite local rappers, LitaRodi is featured on the song 10 Toes Down, a song dedicated to H-Town, with the mention of the H hand sign being thrown up, the index and pink finger. Three other songs I like are Overflow, On Fire, and More To Life. The whole album is tight and worth every penny to support positive rap.
You can buy the album here. http://www.amazon.com/After-Tha-Block-Phyre-Armageddon/dp/B00O0PSAEY

Sketch The Journalist, a writer and blogger for the Houston Chronicle, has his own story about the album and an interview with Phyre as well. http://blog.chron.com/jesusmusik/2014/10/interview-phyre-from-the-world-rejects/?shared=email&msg=fail

The video teaser will give you a closer look at the artists.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Lecrae New Album Anomaly

Lecrae has done it again. He is breaking charts, and still making music that has no cursing, blasphemy, and sin. His newest album to this date is Anomaly. Here is the definition and meaning of that.

noun: anomaly; plural noun: anomalies
1. something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

My favorite songs are:
Lecrae Nuthin - YouTube
Lecrae Say I Won't Feat. Andy Mineo - YouTube
Say I Won't is like a spin off of  Andy Mineo | NEVERLAND - Paisano's Wylin' ft. Marty of Social Club
You can hear the rest of Lecrae Anomaly on YouTube
 I recommend buying the album, supporting it would help Christians to claim bigger territory in music industry.

Lecrae Interview Part One Why Bubba Watson, Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin are anomalies Broadband
What's it like to be an outsider? What's it like to be a misfit? A reject? An Anomaly?
The Christian life according to John 15 can be described by all those words, because it's a promise that the world will hate anyone who becomes a new creation in Christ. Lecrae has a new album called Anomaly, he speaks about how his life in the public eye is different than the average person who is not seen. He has so much more to do, and much is expected from him, he has to live up to what he's called to be, and he can't hide who he is because everyone is watching. Jesus said in Mark 10:24 that a person who wants to be great will be a servant to all. Lecrae is serving alot of people. In ways I can relate, in being an Anomaly. I push carts at Walmart and jam out to Gospel Rap, not many people do that, some people might think I'm weird, but I do it anyways. Bubba Watson plays Golf, and promotes Christian Music through Bubba's Bash, a celebration for his winnings at Golf, and used for to do charitable acts, he is an anomaly. Another way I can relate to the leader who serves all, is I was a greeter at a door to a Christian Camp, called Discovery Camp, for a weekend retreat, I was serving in Ministry Of Helps, greeting every camper that came through the door with a smile and a hello, it can get tiring, but you keep doing it, over and over, and you never know who that smile is gonna impact, but it very well can encourage someone. Anyone who lays down their own desires and interests to serve others is an anomaly, many people don't want the hard work, some are real shy and don't want to be seen, but if I read right in the bible, Jesus wants us to shine like a city on a hill, to be the light and the salt of the earth. The light for people to see the truth, because where else can they see the light shine besides a born again Christian who has love? And the salt, because salt hinders decay, it preserves, Christians hinder moral decay, and help people to heal. We are all called to be that light and salt, there are no exceptions. Lecrae has been getting alot of criticism for doing something that alot of other people would not do. He takes a risk, and many people hate him for it, and they have self righteous gossip and slander against him. It reminds me of a song he made in his Church Clothes 2 mixtape, called If I Die Tonight.

A snippet, or small piece of the lyrics are:

"Sometimes, the first one to lead
Is the first one to make big mistakes
And the first one to be criticized
And the first one to feel hate
But I swear the moves that I made
I was trying to work on my faith
I've been wrong before
But where I'm 'bout to go
They won't put it all in my face
I just didn't do what they scared to do
And if I die tonight, just know
I made me an heir or two"

I believe that piece of lyrics well describes the place Lecrae is in at the moment. He is the first Christian Rapper to reach #1 in the Billboard charts. He is one of the first Christian Rappers to get a secular musician to rap or sing words that gives glory, praise, and honor to God. And many people condemn him for doing it, in fear that people will fall away, and be led astray. They believe that more people will only offer God lip service, and be far from him in their hearts. I believe Lecrae doesn't want anyone to go to astray, but he understands that everyone has a choice to live for God or not live for God, to prove that the worldly artists have the potential to make better music, and speak life if they want to. Lecrae understands free will, and God's sovereignty, grace, mercy, and provision in bringing people to himself. I believe Lecrae wants people to see that you can be a light that shines in darkness. You can be the odd ball that stands out. You can be the smile among the frowns. And many people might think it's lame, or deny his sincerity. But I believe in time, many will come to Jesus because of Lecrae. For anyone doubting Lecrae, I recommend watching Gifted Da Flamethrowa-LECRAE.And if you want to help defend Lecrae against vicious slanderers and gossipers, please share this Gifted Da Flame Throwa song, because it will help defend Lecrae and promote Gifted's music too! And we need more people to hear Gifted, and the rest of the H-Town Gospel Rap scene, and Lecrae is from H-Town too, so all the better! Check out my favorite H-Town Rappers! LitaRodi, Tre9, Druzu, Vaughaligan Walwyn, Soldiers On A Mission, Govenor Reiss, Sypreme... and if you listen to them, you'll probably be lead to hear more artists I jam.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lozt Zoul Hell's Nightmare Mixtape

Today I been jamming a new mixtape by Lozt Zoul. It's called Hell's Nightmare.
My favorite track, which I keep on repeat, is All Things Are Possible, which features Vaughaligan Walwyn singing on the hook. I also like the other songs which have features, such as World Rejects, Pyrexx, and Gifted Da Flame Throwa. I really likethe mixtape, if you like rough, crunk south vocals, you'll like Lozt Zoul. Their style reminds me of Marcus Landers aka Scarecrow, who has two albums out already. If you like this mixtape then you'll like the Nu Season Nu  Creations Vol 1 as well, plus Vaughaligan Walwyn Grace Still Abides album. Also, the Kingz Camp albums Faith It Till You Make It and The Royal Family albums are worth getting! Support Nu Season, as it is a light for H-Town, pray for it as well as pastor Vaughaligan Walwyn and Legacy Church. This music is making an impact on not just Houston, but anyone who likes Now Generation Music.