Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Support Hot Rap Mix With This New T-Shirt

There's a new graffiti style t-shirt available to spread the word about Hot Rap Mix hotrapmix.com!
Check it out! Please support Hot Rap Mix, as it is a ministry to reach people with Gospel Rap and Hip Hop and other Now Generation music that is family friendly, and glorifies and honors the risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hot Rap Mix promotes music videos, artists, albums, songs, magazines, and other things pertaining to Christian Rap and Hip Hop via the website http://www.hotrapmix.com as well as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and this blog.
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Monday, June 23, 2014

New Albums That Go Hard!

Recently I purchased some new new albums. They are all pretty awesome!
Here's a list:
Andy Mineo - Neverland --> MTV wrote about him too on the MTV Website
Tedashii - Below Paradise
Alex Faith - At Last
Corey Paul - Grace Love Mercy
Reconcile - Sacrifice

Plus there's a free album that I found out about through a new issue of Rep Da King Magazine, I highly recommend people downloading it,  there's a dance song called ShakeThe Ground ! I also like the songs Hero and Still Here. Totally awesome! It's pretty cool! Please download it!
Serge - Off Season

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bran NuYu Discover God Ft Jaclyn Glenn

I recently watched the new movie God's Not Dead. The movie mentions the popular Atheist, and book writer, Richard Dawkins. I was curious to see if he had watched the movie, or if he had any kind of reaction or response to it. So I checked out his tweets and scrolled down until I saw that he had retweeted a YouTube video by Jaclyn Glenn that said "Christian Homophobic Rap Song". I immediately knew the video had to be Bizzle, one of my favorite Christian Rappers, sure enough it was when I clicked on the link and watched the video on YouTube. He had made a song called Same Love Response, a response to Grammy Award winning Macklemore, which really upset the LGBT community, and he even got a story about the song in the Huffington Post. I watched some Jaclyn Glenn videos, and saw that she is an activist, she promotes Atheism, she had made a video talking about the God's Not Dead the movie trailer, but I'm not sure if she's watched the movie or not. I didn't like that Jaclyn was taking Bizzle's message the wrong way, basically she was breaking down the whole song, giving her opinions and interpretation of the song and what it means, and why she disagreed with him, and she was also mocking him with her rapping and singing. While I thought her rapping and singing about Bizzle was mean, basically making him out to be a bigoted homophobic person, I was imagining Jaclyn doing gospel rap and singing, she has a great singing voice, she has sung in other videos as well, and her voice is great, but sadly she mocks God by singing Amazing Science instead of Amazing Grace. Knowing that she has a gift, and could be using it for good, and knowing that I know how to record, edit, and make beats, I decided to make a song using the words she has already said, by editing her voice and chopping up the voice into samples to mix into the beat and making her words say something different like "God is fascinating", to inspire her, to show her that God has a better way, to show her God can turn the bad around for good.  I sampled some words that she said in her videos, and made a new beat, and made a mashup/remix with her vocals. I also included some vocals that I recorded from some acquaintances (Genine, Ricky, and Mikey) from the college I attend, plus my pastor Michael Garcia (from Grace Christian Center in Alvin Texas http://www.graceishere.com).
I've already showed friends and acquaintances this song, and they like it. The people who were featured in the song like it too. They like the beat, some church peeps think part of the beat sounds like Grand Turismo.
Some people were concerned, and wondering if I could get sued for making a song using someone else's voice without asking for permission. I told them plainly that I wasn't selling this song, if I was selling the song then I would ask for permission, but the song is free, completely free, it's a piece of art musically, it's like when DJ's make a mix, or a mixtape, they take other people's sounds and blend them together to make remixes, and I will say, I'm not just a rapper or singer, I'm a DJ as well, I'm a computer musician. Another way to justify my work is, it's like cutting up the newspaper, or some photos, and using tape or glue to put pictures and words together to make something new and original, a collage. In a creative way, I'm just using my gifts and talents, and using my freedom of speech, to spread a message of hope and salvation in a unique way through music. There's no point in so much red tape and legalism on something that is a creative art. Me and my friend Joe Angel, and my friend AJ as well, plus other people I know, are making music that can bless people's lives. There's also a new band in my town called Kairos Theos, which I would like to hook up with and perhaps collaborate with, the group consists of my childhood friend Ethan Flores (drummer), and a friend named Daryl Olison (guitar), who I met at Texas Bible Institute, and someone else who I don't really know. They are currently looking for a vocalist, and are instrumental for now.
I would like people to download and share the Discover God song since it's free, I hope it'll spread all around like an underground mixtape (kind of like DJ Screw Grey Tapes on cassette) being passed around the streets, people coming around corners, trunk knocking, and banging, where the people can hear it coming out the windows.
Instead of attacking Jaclyn with mean vicious words and telling her things that would be wrong to say, I am showing her the love of Christ (hopefully she hears the Discover God song, and maybe reads this blog post, and gets exposed to the Christian Rap community so that she can do songs with all my favorite artists), by extending grace, mercy, and forgiveness to her regardless of her sins. I don't try to write her a bunch of critical messages and try to argue with her, I just pray, and also speak truth when necessary, and let my life speak the rest.
In case anyone is wondering about the artwork for the song, I took an image and edited it, I blurred out the words, wrote "I (love) Jesus Christ", drew the heart. And I added Bizzle's God Over Money logo onto Jaclyn's hat. I also put the NOTW (Not Of This World) logo on Jaclyn's shirt.