Thursday, December 17, 2020

Christian Country Rap Song

In 2019 there was a country rap song that blew up a sub genre, that probably got way more attention than it ever had before. People from various backgrounds and ethnicity were jamming a song called Old Town Road by Lil Nas X. I think so many people liked it because it was funny sort of. It was talking about horses and an old town road. And riding till you can't anymore. Meme culture was all over it! Plus I think people who usually didn't like country/redneck music vibed with it because it was by a black artist who mixed country with the new wave trap sound that's popular to Gen Z. And perhaps people who liked mostly country music, opened up a little more to liking some rap. The remix featured Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus's dad). A year later and the trend may have died down some, but I think it broke ground for country rap to continue, as now music artists cover that song, are inspired by it, and make their own songs and try to imitate that style to appeal to anyone that liked that song. 

Here in late 2020 I've made my own Country Rap song. My friend Joe Angel Music helped me make the beat in GarageBand on my iPad, and to record the song at his apartment in his FL Studio software. The Christian Rapper Deuce Tre made the cover art for me. And the song is out on all major digital music streaming/downloading services/platforms/stores. I shouted out Coffey Anderson in the song, I feel like more people need to know about his Christian praise and worship remix cover songs of Secular songs because they will be blessed by the message! In my own song, I express my love for the country (Brazoria County) and the farm/ranch lifestyle of pastures/woods. I let people know that there's peace and quiet being out in the sticks away from the city, and to me it's the perfect way to get away from distractions to be alone with God and hear from him. 

   In the bible we see Moses left the pharaoh's palace in Egypt and went on to spend a great deal of time with the Midianites (If you aren't familiar with that story watch The Prince Of Egypt movie by Dreamworks or read it in Exodus in the Bible), just living a real simple life, before one day God called him from a burning bush to go to Egypt to tell the pharaoh to let go of the Hebrew slaves so that they could leave and go to the promised land. I also remember seeing that Jesus would leave the large crowds that followed him, and would even leave the 12 disciples, to go be alone and pray. For people who live in the city, if life ever becomes too much, too loud, too noisy: I would recommend to retreat to a place where it's more quiet. There is in fact a place that comes to mind. Country Camp. Also known as Discovery Camp and Texas Bible Institute. Church groups go out there for weekend retreats. And TBI students get to stay afew months (at least before COVID hit). I recommend reading (or hearing, the audio books are awesome) books by Jefferson Bethke (the audio bools are narrated by him too). I like his latest book (I think it is anyways) To Hell With The Hustle because he talks about living a life of more rest, spending time with the Lord and family, and not being burned out. What he is saying, is what I hope my song encourages. That people will realize that they need to get away from the world's noise, and hear Jesus.