Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Keeping Old Music And Making New Music

As time goes on, old records, cassette tapes, and other music storage mediums age and wear out. But much of it has been preserved, sitting dormant in resale shops, flea markets, garage sales, in someone's storage, ect. Music is sitting dormant, and not being listened to, sometimes even forgotten. Older generations of people who love their old music, keep their old records, but many times aren't aware of the new technology that has made it possible to preserve/revive media. Sadly many old mediums wear out with time and weather, are lost from public interest, and new technology sometimes makes old technology unusable, throwing good old ideas out of the window rather than expanding or improving on them, forcing older technology to go extinct (probably to get all the new young generations to buy the latest greatest thing). But sometimes new technology does keep old technology around. And if old technology can survive long enough for us to get the storage off of old storage mediums, then we can save old music, pictures, and more data/information before it "dies" or "goes extinct". Like the new vinyl record players for example. They make it possible to play old records and make them into an mp3! With new vinyl/record players, it is possible to record a vinyl that is playing/spinning. The music is brought from the record player to the computer via a USB cable. Everything from speeding up, slowing down, and even scratching can be recorded live into Audacity. The whole song can be turned into an mp3. And small segments can then remixed in LMMS to make a brand new song! Old music can be kept around longer, and be brought back to the forefront of being listened to! Old hits can become popular again! Those old vinyl's can be turned into mp3 files and played from inside the car! They can be played on the internet! It all comes to one's music preference, and their own creativity.