Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Joe Angel - Spaceships (To The Moon And Back)

Want to have some fun and go to the moon and back? Are you single, dating, courting, married? Have a significant other? Don't have a significant other? Want a significant other? Today is Valentine's Day. Alot of single people are sad because they don't have anyone to cuddle and they see alot of people together having fun. I'm not sad or jealous. I know that true love waits! I can enjoy my singleness and take advantage of it. Be content! Develop and grow myself! I enjoy candy, cookies, and cake! Who needs all that big teddy bear, roses, and public display of affection? I'm single like a pringle, hopefully someday gonna mingle. But like Joseph Solomon says in his new video, we shouldn't waste our singleness! We all want someone to love. Let's be real, we all crave sex! But how can we love another human being, if we have not let God's love first fulfill us and take us over to be given the capacity to love unconditionally? My friend Joe Angel has made another love song called Space Ships. His past mistakes with relationships tell a story about how God can heal the broken heart. He can make things right. He can turn bad around for good. And his grace, mercy, and blessing abounds. Joe is single, but he made the song for his future wife. And the chorus is catchy, and can be applied to any guy or girl wanting to have something special and go on an adventure to the moon and back.